Why Make the Case for Curiosity?

Why is this blog called the case for curiosity?

From a practical standpoint, when I was thinking of blog names I did two things. 1) thought about how I’d want to be introduced if I ever went to a blogging conference and 2) looked at the spines of the books closest to my desk.

For #1, when you blog you generally end up being referred to by the name of your blog. Witness people like Dooce, The Bloggess, etc. It’s not limited to successful blogs, either. When bloggers talk about each other they name check the blog before they name check your actual name. So call it narcissistic on my part, but I wanted to be able to stand by the name as well as I’d stand by my real name, if and when anyone ever decided I was good enough to gossip about.

For #2, I read a lot so there were a bunch of books to choose from. Beautiful Ruins seems sort of epic and sweeping but referring back to #1, not the kind of vision I want in people’s minds when I tell them about my blog. There were a couple of murder mysteries, a few Hemmingway books I read in college (The Old Man and the Sea? nah.) and then the book that ultimately caught my eye was this one.

screenshot_709I will be honest and tell you I don’t remember this book well. I know I read it, but I ultimately remember a lot more of it’s companion book The Grand Complication. The title struck a chord, though, because of what I was thinking about as I started the blog.

In the tech industry in general, and in strategy in particular, we grapple every day with big questions. Which direction is the industry going to shift? And how fast? And once you make the decision to steer the ship a certain way, a thousand other questions open up on how to make it go the direction you want. This is especially true when the ship in question is pretty much the largest vessel on the water today. The one decision you can’t make is to not learn anything. Not only do you have to shift, be flexible, and learn, you have to do it more than just the obligatory “because business.” You have to want it. Curiosity is the key to moving from just survival to thriving. Curiosity is the only thing that will keep you ahead of the curve and not behind it. Curiosity means looking at all points of the compass as often as humanly possible, and playing the video game in 3D.

And let’s not mince words, sometimes it gives us more pain than joy. It’s no fun to be the one calling out that an era is ending, or has already ended, or that something is horribly flawed to the point you have to scrap it. But between curiosity and stagnation, let’s take curiosity.

So there you have my case. It’ll evolve from time to time. But for the moment I stand by it and urge everyone…

Never Stop Looking.

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