Who Am I?

  • Expatriot Pennsylvanian. From Bethlehem, PA to be precise. Philadelphia to be vague.
  • Current Austinite, three-time University of Texas graduate.  Business Administration (BBA), Computer Engineering (MS), and Liberal Arts. (BA)  Pretty sure if I get one more degree there they’ll let me teach.
  • Startup Veteran: Employee # 11 at Officedomain.com (RIP) and #13 at Netspend.
  • Former IBMer.
  • Current Athenista www.athenahealth.com
  • QA tester by experience, process nerd by nature.
  • Former competitive intelligence analyst.
  • Solo Mom to a seven year old.  I’m not going to pull punches, she’s a probably a genius.
  • Suicide loss survivor.
  • Former runner, periodic knitter, foodie.

Everything in this blog – predictions, opinions, and anything even remotely controversial – are mine and should not be construed as representative of my employer.
I put that first because at times, I can be tougher than a thirsty junkyard dog. I’m frank about my path – where I’ve been, where I am and where I’m going.  I call things as I see them. There might from time to time be swear words in here.  You’re grownups. You can handle it.

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