Prepping to and for Innovate.

On somewhat short notice I find myself prepping to go to IBM Innovate this year.  I’m excited about it – we’re going to talk about the very compelling devops case study around how IBM Service Engage was developed.

As a run up to our presentation, we’re hoested a webinar on the Tivoli User Community called IBM Service Engage: The Criterion Collection.  Those of you who remember DVDs will remember that the criterion collection always shows the director’s cut of the movie with an option to watch it with director’s commentary on.  So we did something similar with Service Engage – doing a director and developer-tour of the site with the architect and the developers as they talk about the proccess of developing and deploying (and re-developing, and re-deploying production code as many as 20 times per day) the site. If you missed it, not to worry. The replay and slides can be found at the Tivoli User Community.

IBM Innovate itself is in Orlando.  aka Mickey Mouse Vahallah. Aka the hall of the mountain mouse.  I haven’t set foot on a disney property in 30+ years.  I have some photos around my house of the last visit- when I was actually  the same age my daughter is now.  There is not one single one where I’m actually smiling.  I’m always making that stressed out face that sensitive children make when they’re overstimulated and tuned in to the mounting adult tension around them.

Those of you who remember the run up to Pulse remember that I took my daughter and my mother with me to Las Vegas.  The natural question is whether they’ll be joining me in Orlando. Nope.  Given the fact that I got overwhelmed by Disney World while I was still sitting at my desk making the reservations for my room, I’m thinking it’s better for me to be a little more relaxed during the Chloe-meets-Disney-meltdown I’ll inevitably have to deal with during “go-live” trip where I take her.  Me encountering Disneyworld crowds at the same time she encounters the princesses in real life will make for some wrought memories, and I’m hoping for at least one happy picture when we go.

But check out what they sent me in the run up to my arrival.  It’s this thing called a MagicBand.  It’ll be my room key, my food pass, and theoretically if I was planning on going into the park itself, it would serve as a fast track pass as well.


Well made and well packaged wearable tech can melt even the most cynical heart- and I knew this before it even showed up because I was actively tracking the package as it shipped.  So maybe this won’t be as traumatic as I assumed when I heard you had to book your shuttle from the airport in time to let them ship you customized luggage tags.

What am I up to at Innovate, you may ask?  Two things.  Expo Ped duty almost the entire time showing off IBM Service Engage version “Charlie.”  This will be a little less fancied up than our presence at Pulse, with no massage chairs to look forward to.  But the upside to this expo is that I get to wear jeans and a properly-sized “Think” t-shirt.  As long as my jeans aren’t ripped, I get to wear whatever else I want.   After years of bursting into tears at the site of my fleece Expo vest, not having to wear one is a massage in and of itself.

Ironically, though, as soon as I decided to staff the ped at Innovate, a speaking opportunity fell in my lap.  I’ll be co-presenting the IBM Service Engage devops case with Chuck Brant.  At 8:00am. On Wednesday. Not a typo- 8:00 in the A.M.  So you’re really a hero if you show up and will be in my good graces forever.  Details on the presentation can be found here: .

I’ll be livetweeting the general sessions as well, so you can follow me @lizzrest if you want to check out what I have to say about that.

Wish me luck not getting overwhelmed at the World Headquarters of Mouse, Inc!

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