Pulse Approaches: Will I Blend?

There’s a strange series of videos from Blendtec that features Tom Dickenson putting the latest electronic device- usually one people are still waiting in line  for- in a blender to see what will happen..  There isn’t a lot of suspense; inevitably the blender wins.

An Example:

I didn’t understand the purpose of this heretical destruction when I first saw it in action and I don’t understand it now.  But I am getting ready to try something remarkably similar.  I am bringing my daughter and my mother with me for the first few days of Pulse. Will they blend? If the gold dust smoke in the video above is any indicator, I sincerely hope not.  But just the act of putting all the ingredients into the blender involves a serious amount of juggling.

You’re probably asking the same question I was when I saw my first Blendtec video…Why on Earth would you do such a thing?  Four years ago I had a baby during the Pulse cloud keynote.  Fortunately I wasn’t in Las Vegas at the time, so it wasn’t cinematic and no Pulse attendees were traumatized.  I was the track lead for the Cloud Track that year, so I busy uploading presentations in my home office when all of a sudden it was time for maternity leave.

I bring that up to illustrate the following:  every year My Pulse is a three ring circus.  Ring 1:plan for Pulse, Ring 2: plan this year’s birthday spectacular, Ring 3: plan the vacation afterwards to restore my sanity. I have been lucky for four years, though, as opening day and birthday haven’t completely overlapped. Yet much as the Winter Olympics have swung around again, so too has the overlap.  Pulse + birthday in one skidding collision of a weekend.  I can only be one place at one time.  So to Vegas all three generations of us go.

Pulse is stacking up to be special this year even without the inter-generational blender,  as we at C&SI are bringing the first iteration of IBM Service Engage with us for our attendees to get a look.  For the past week I have been working on a video showcasing our references, interviewing those folks who have had a chance to test drive IBM Service’s initial three SaaS products – Performance Management, Workload Automation, and IT Service Management in our beta. I’ve been working with IBM for 12 years, and with C&SI for seven.  I have never before had a community this excited our products.  Listening to how excited these references are has made me all the more eager to get out there and show the rest of Pulse what we’ve been up to and where we want to go.

So what are my Pulse schedule highlights this year?  Sunday afternoon,  I’m speaking with the Tivoli User Group about Service Engage.  Sunday night I’ll be in the Service Engage Lounge at the Expo.  Quick note about the Service Engage Lounge- I’m a Pulse veteran.  I know painful feet and dead cell phone batteries.  So when Kat Wallace and I planned the lounge  we wanted to make sure the lounge fit the vision of IBM Service Engage – the right services when you want them and the right support when you need it.  We’ll have a phone recharge booth and…wait for it…Massage Chairs! Aching back? No bars? Come say hello. We’re at both #653, starting at the Opening Reception on Sunday through the ceremonial barring of the doors on Wednesday afternoon.

Other Highlights:

Monday –  Moderating a Birds of a Feather session on Cloud-Based Enterprise Resource Planning for Growth Markets.

Tuesday – Annual Women’s Networking Reception and the discussion panel featuring my personal heroes from Girls Who Code.

What about Wednesday, you might ask? Wait, What is your daughter doing this whole time, you might ask?   It turns out that minus the alcohol and any ability to legally gamble, Vegas is pretty much a kid’s paradise.  Where else is the architecture going to so accurately match your wildest childlike imaginings?  Saturday is the birthday festival.  We’re going to The Children’s Museum, the Venetian for a Gondola Ride and dinner on the grand canal. If our temper tantrums hold off long enough, we’ll try to get to the light show at the Bellagio.  There will be surprise birthday cake en suite from Freed’s Bakery.  And I’m lugging a suitcase of presents just so that my mother can lug them back to Austin for me when she takes my daughter home on Monday.  Here’s hoping my Birthday Queen likes some of the stuff enough to carry it herself.  Candles? Check. Lighter? Check. Gift Bags? Uh, we’ll wing it.

So Wednesday, while being a room captain and a social media reporter, I’ll probably look like the unfortunate cell phone selected for blender duty. The suspense is killing me.  What swear words will my daughter try out for the first time in the elevator with my boss? How am I going to get stubborn Service Engage enthusiasts out of the massage chairs when their time is up? How many miles will I walk between the MGM and the conference center, then back out to the pool because of forgotten toys?  Come see me at the Service Engage Lounge to see how I’m holding up. Or if not me, the massage chairs.  Plus, demo IBM Service Engage.  You’ll be just as excited about it as I am.

Looking forward to seeing you at Pulse!

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